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Wage Subsidy Program

NVIATS Wage Subsidy


Not interested in a wage subsidy because of Red tape…

NVIATS has no red tape!


 *  Wage Subsidy is negotiated and rages from 40 to 60% of wages for up to 3 months;

 *  Wage Subsidy assists you in offsetting the costs of developing a new employee’s ability and level of productivity;

 *  Wage Subsidy offers you the opportunity to develop the employee’s skills on the job to meet your unique business needs;

 *  The amount and length of the Wage Subsidy is dependent on the skills that will be developed on the job and the skills the candidate brings to the job.



 *  The candidate must receive a minimum of 30 hours a week of paid, ongoing employment;

 *  The position is to be of a long term nature and continue after the subsidy ends, if at all possible;

 *  An application and contract must be negotiated and signed prior to the candidate commencing employment with you.


If you are interested in hiring with the NVIATS Wage Subsidy and require further information, please contact our office   

250 286 3455