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Walk-in Program

Walk In Client Program


This document sets out operational procedures for the walk-in client component that was offered by NVIATS starting the fiscal year 1999/2000. 


The objective of the walk-in client procedure is to ensure that all First Nation people, regardless of their Band Registration area, have equal access to programs and services that are offered by NVIATS.

Participant Eligibility:

Any individual of First Nation decent will be eligible for assistance under this program, whether status, non-status, on reserve or off reserve, who resides in the areas between Cumberland to Port Hardy, Alert Bay and surrounding mainland area.


Individuals participating in this process will have to meet with eligibility criteria.

When considering an individual for a program offered through NVIATS, all activities must be carried out in accordance to the guidelines of the specific program. 

If requesting financial assistance the individuals may be required to provide documentation advising NVIATS that he/she has been refused funding from their Band Education Funds.  If the individual cannot provide this, the counselor will contact Band for the required information.

Types of Services:

NVIATS will offer both financial and employment services to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria.


Assistance can be provided to an individual who is interested in attending a training program offered by a public on non-public institution.  College and University “DEGREE” programs will not be eligible for funding. Specific “non-degree” courses, which lead directly to employment, would be considered.  Courses must be of an occupational nature and not academic.

Financial assistance can be provided for course/tuition costs, books, supplies, transportation.  No capital costs or income support will be provided to an individual who is attending a training course.  All financial assistance will be based in individual need and subject to negotiation by the individual and his counselor.

 Employment Services

NVIATS will provide employment services that will help clients prepare for, find, and keep jobs, and enhance their employability through the following initiatives:

Career and Employment Counselling

*  Assisting clients develop and commit to an action plan

*  Assisting clients find resources associated with academic upgrading and training

*  Job search strategies

*  Labour Market information

With regards to on-the-job and work experience type programs, assistance will be provided to individuals to secure employer placements and negotiate agreements with the perspective employer/s.

Client Assessment

Clients will be assessed on an individual needs basis and financial assistance would be negotiated between the individual and his/her counselor.

*  Determining factors would include: 

*  Individual family income

*  Educational History (i.e.: previous courses/training/funding)

*  Course/training institution (most economical)

*  Labour Market, employability after course is complete, or mobility

*  What impact does course have with regards to long term employment/career goals

*  Has client secured other funding

*  Other sources of funding

*  Availability of NVIATS funds