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Mamalilikulla First Nation Band Designated Representative

Listing Number: 5290
City/Town: Campbell River
Start Date: Soon as Possible
Wage: Negotiable Based on Skill Level
Hours: 25-35 hours a week

This position requires the incumbent to advocate/represent registered/affiliated with Mamalilikulla First Nation members that are involved with any/all Child Welfare Agencies throughout Canada.

The object of this position is to ensure that any notification from any/all Child Welfare Agencies are responded to within its mandated time. To ensure that all the members of the Mamalilikulla First Nation have a Designated Band representative present or available when dealing with all Child Welfare Agencies in British Columbia and notification from other Provinces.


Under the direction of Chief and Council, the Band Representative is a highly motivated individual with exceptional advocacy skills, possessing critical knowledge of the Child and Family Services Act. The Designated Band Representative acts on behalf of Mamalilikulla First Nation as a party in court proceedings involving the First Nation’s Children under the Child and Family Services Act. The role of the Designated Band Representative is to protect the collective best interest of Mamalilikulla First Nation children and to ensure a culturally appropriate disposition of the case.


General Activities
Depending on the case, the Designated Band Representative may undertake the following activities, as provided for by the Child and Family Services Act (BC):
• To liaise with other First Nation Band Representatives, Agencies and Legal Counsel
• Accompany Children’s Aid Service workers during investigations
• Ensure that Mamalilikulla band members are fully aware of their rights
• Support family members in their working relationships with MCFD
• Advocate for children and families; or acts as a mediator to have their concerns addressed
• Attend court as required to support the child/ren and or family members; cannot make any decisions; can only make recommendations for the child/ren
• Communicate with Chief & Council regarding children living off reserve
• Required to travel up and down Vancouver Island based on where the child/ren are living.
Band Representation:
• Represent the First Nation at Court as a Party to Child Welfare proceedings
• Prepare plans of Care, including recommendations for placement of children
• Prepare, respond to, and process legal documents as required by the BC Court rules
Case Evaluation/Development
• Compilation of all relevant case-related information and documentation
• Liaison with community service, including, but not limited to; Addiction and Mental Health Programs and visiting professionals to assess client(s) progress and suggest alternative plans if appropriate
• Coordinate Case Management Conferences with all community services involved to monitor Client’s plan of care and progress
Legal Responsibilities
• Prepare, serve and file additions or amendments to the Client’s Plan of Care
• Gather evidence, prepare arguments, produce and prepare witnesses and prepare draft orders
• Prepare for and attend settlement conferences as set out by the new Court Rules
• Oral and written presentations in court, as required
• Ensure client files are maintained and updated on a regular basis
• Report to the Chief and Council as directed
• Data collection, and submission of reports

Application deadline is: Friday, February 15th, 2019

To commence with the Mamalilikulla First Nation salary and job classification scale. Currently the MFN does not subscribe to a group benefit program.

On behalf of Chief and Council, please submit cover letter, resume and three current reference letters as well as copies of all diplomas and/or degrees to:

Sonia Roberts
Band Administrator
Mamalilikulla First Nation
1441 B 16th Avenue
Campbell River, BC
V9W 2E4

Applications can be submitted (1) electronically to Email (ensure to place job title in your subject line); (2) by regular mail to the address listed above, or by (3) fax at 250-287-4655.

Preference is given to qualified members of the Mamalilikulla First Nation.

Gilakas’la to all who apply, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


Mandatory Requirements:
• A minimum, Post-Secondary Social Work Diploma or equivalent and/or Legal Services Diploma
• A minimum of two years Social Services working experience with a First Nation’s Community
• Must possess a valid driver’s license and own vehicle
• Must provide a Criminal Reference Check
• Be willing to work out of the MFN Band office in Campbell River

Additional Requirements
• Able to interpret legislation and legal documents
• Knowledge of Case Management techniques
• Strong written and verbal skills
• Strong demonstration of negotiation skills, techniques and advocacy
• Willing to work flexible hours and travel with minimal notice
• Ability to exercise discretion in handling confidential subject matter
• Strong Computer skills with experience using word processing software
• Experience working with First Nation people
• Fully understand Customary Care
• Knowledge of our community and its practices
• Experience developing detailed plans and critical path timelines as well as managing deadlines and completing priorities
• Be able to meet all timelines as needed to meet legislation that governs our families
• Analytical and problem-solving skills
• Ability to work independently
• Ability to manage time well and complete administrative tasks in a timely manner
• Must have the ability to develop a Plan of Care with Form 33 applications in the court system
• Must have the ability to coordinate time management to work with numerous families at one time
• Must have the ability to provide documentation to Chief and Council when requested

Company Name: Mamalilikulla First Nation
Contact: Sonia Roberts
Phone Number: 250-287-2955
Fax Number: 250-287-4955
Address: 1441 B, 16th Ave Campbell River, BC
Notes: Band Designate Representative JOB DESCRIPTION Objective: The role of the First Nations Band Designate in achieving successful outcomes for First Nations Children and Families through a collaborative approach between the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and the Mamalilikulla First Nation (MFN). MAMALILIKULLA’S VISION & MISSION STATEMENT Our vision for the future is to serve our community with respect, fairness, transparency and accountability, promoting equality, prosperity and well being, while engaging and supporting our people; honoring our past, present and future generations and creating opportunity for a strong Mamalilikulla Nation. Our mission is to work together to build a strong, proud and healthy Mamalilikulla community. To work for the good future of Mamalilikulla, and that in response to experience, the re-creation and rebuilding of community is paramount while using the values from the Gukdzi tradition; working with and engaging our people and listening to the echoes of our ancestors by honoring our ancestors to honor our future. Purpose & Role • The Band Designate role, (as defined in the MFN & MCFD Service Agreement) is intended to ensure that the MFN is able to keep their children connected to family, community, and culture when the children are in the care of MCFD. • To provide guidance to the parties in their endeavors to seek common ground and to identify processes for dispute resolution. At all times, both parties will work in the best interest of the child. • It is our goal that together, we will provide more effective culturally anchored services and increase our collective capacity to ensure the safety, health and well-being of Mamalilikulla children, youth and families. • Involvement of a First Nation Band Designate in planning ensures consistency. • The best interest of the child is paramount. • Accepting and respecting the child’s connection with family, community, and culture. • MCFD requires case managers to provide the Band Designate with copies of all court orders within 20 days of receiving the order. • MCFD requires the Director to involve the Band Designate in making decisions for a child who is being adopted in a private guardianship application • The Band Designate role will support Aboriginal children on/off reserve and out of province. • The Band Designate position will be supported by MFN.