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Community Partnership Program

Community Partnership Program

NVIATS Community Partnership Program (CPP) previously referred to as our “Call for Proposal” or “Project Funding”, has now been renamed to better reflect the program.

Under the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) there are 3 pillars that NVIATS must focus on:

1. Demand driven skills development;

2.  Partnerships; and

3.  Accountability for improved results.

For this reason NVIATS must insure that our Community Partnership Programs meet all three of these pillars.


Program Guidelines

To meet program requirements, proposals must focus on the following:

Demand Driven Skills Development - Proposals must show that there is an employment demand for the skills development project.  Projects with an opportunity for employment once the project is completed will receive high priority.

Partnerships – Applicants must provide in-kind or financial contributions to the training project. As you have seen over the past few years we have changed some of the applications for proposals to include financial or in kind contributions from our project applicants.  NVIATS is fully aware of the contributions that the Bands and Organizations we serve contribute to our trainings programs but the new applications provide clearly defined contribution area.

Accountability and Improved Results – Bands and Organizations must have a history of accountability with NVIATS programs.  This means that contract requirements must be met i.e.:  Contract paperwork submitted in a timely manner, NVIATS Program Officers being given the opportunity to complete on-site monitors and project close-outs.

Projects are resulting in trainees gaining value demand driven skills training that are leading to employment.


Applications for funding can be found on this website under forms or through this link .